Maybe it is high time to adopt a cat?

Having a cat could be decision that will change your entire life. If you want to adopt a cat - you are in the perfect place! See what cute kittens are waiting for your visit!

Did you know how many benefits are having a cat in your home? Here are only some of them:

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Meet our purrrfect fluffy team!

Mietka, the cat.


Mietka is a very friendly and always hungry cat. She makes many funny moves during the day and she loves to be cuddled all day long. She makes lots of noise when she is hungry, so don’t ignore her, because it could have bad consequences for you. Her favorite place to be is a piece of cardboard or a plastic bag. 

Stefa, the cat.


Stefa is opposite to Mietka - totally! She is very elegant, sophisticated and distinguished lady cat. She moves with royal grace and keeps distance - most of time. She is really sensitive to touch and accepts to be cuddled only in specific way. What is interesting Stefa is a brilliant cat-ninja - she jumps very high and runs through the house without any damages.  

Bonczek, the cat.


Bonczek is the king of the neighborhood - solid, strong and handsome cat. He likes lying all day on the couch or playing in the garden. Bonczek can do tricks and jump on the hand. It will be the perfect cat for sleepyheads - it will surely wake its owner up at 7 am, wanting to go out to the garden.

Our goal is to find homes for all our cats. In addition to the daily duties related to caring for cats, we also pair cats with their new owners. The process is to complete a short online questionnaire, on the basis of which we select several cats that match the nature of the cat. We send you information with a photo and description of the cat. Choose yourself who you want to meet in our foundation!

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