I ❤ German Shepherds

Confident, Courageous, Smart

German Shepherd

Why are German Shepherds AWESOME dogs?

German Shepherds (GSD) were originally bred as herding dogs, but over the years they have proven themselves to an intelligent breed that is not only strong and courageous but also exceptionally sweet. These dogs are recognized for their large bodies and distinguishing coat yet they come in different colors. Because of their strong guarding instincts, GSD are successful police and military dogs. These dogs love to work and require an active lifestyle. With proper training and early socialization, GSD make a wonderful additional member of the family. To learn more about them, click here.

Five reasons to have a GSD

  • They make a great adventure buddy
  • They're smart and easy to train
  • They're very sweet and protective of their family
  • They get along with children
  • They are big goofballs
  • GSD training
    woman with gsd

    GSD with faimly
    GSD with Child
    funny GSD

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    Coded by Marlin Aleman