French Bulldogs are actually not French just adorable 🐾

french buldog in the gras

Best-known for their short statures, goofy grins, and bat-like ears, French bulldogs are a massively popular breed. There's a lot more to French bulldogs than their popularity! Whether you already own a French bulldog or are considering adding one to your family, read on for some interesting facts (along with cute pictures!) about one of the country's most popular breeds.
Despite their name, French bulldogs do not hail from France. Rather, they originated in nearby England—and have a pretty interesting history. Long before climate control, English artisans (particularly lace makers) would use toy-sized bulldogs as lap warmers to keep cozy while they worked in their shops. Then, when the Industrial Revolution hit England and their skills were no longer needed, many of these artisans moved to France, where their skills were still relevant, with their dogs in tow. There, the pups most likely bred with terriers to create the Frenchies we know today.
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