Have you ever considered purchasing a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree?


Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are a plant that will brighten any home! It has been showing up everywhere over social media platforms like Instagram. It seems all plant owners have this part of their collection. Let's learn more about this plant together. If you like our content, don't forget to hit the subscribe button below!

What is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree?

It's a flowering tree in a tropical rain forest setting. They have been adopted as an indoor houseplant and that version does not product figs (although that would be really nice). They thrive in temperate climates. The name of this tree stems from it's broad leaves that are shaped like a fiddle.

Why are they so popular?

The plant has been around for a long time but have been emerging in popularity within home decor shows and social media. In my opinion, they are great sculptural plants that provide any home a face lift due to it's vibrant green and works extremely well with neutral, minimal, and scandivavian style. It also provides great texture and visual elements, which constrast well with lighter tone walls.

Where can you purchase one?

If you're convinced you need to add this beautiful tree to your collection, there are many local nursery or home garden centres to shop at. There are some online options that can ship to your home directly. If you want to learn more about how to take care of your plant, click the link on the bottom of the page to learn more. If you have a busy lifestyle and can't be bothered by the maintenance, there are a lot of artificial alternatives below.

Learn more on how to take care this tree!