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More and more of us are going vegan. More and more of us are going vegan. The environmental and ethical case for a diet free of all animal products, including meat, fish, dairy and eggs, is compelling. According to research from the University of Oxford, going vegan is the “single biggest way” to reduce your impact on the planet. And that is before you consider the ethical arguments against eating industrially farmed animals, which have an appalling quality of life and are often pumped full of powerful antibiotics that may pose a risk to human health. But if you are a lifelong meat-eater, it is hard to know where to start, right?

Here is a small list of some remarkable cooks that offer delicious recipes and share the joys and benefits of plant based living:


Ella Woods

Ella’s cooking shows us that vegan cooking doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. it’s easy to embrace a plant-based lifestyle with her fuss-free, simple recipes that cater for our busy lives. She now has five cookbooks, a recipe and yoga app, five lines of food products and a podcast
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Gaz Oakley

Gaz is a classically trained chef, author & YouTuber originally from Cardiff, Wales. When veganism entered his life he wanted to do his bit of activism so he used his cooking skills to promote veganism which grew & grew to amass an ever-growing audience of over 2 million people.
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Ian and Henry

Ian and Henry from “BOSH!” create simple and imaginative vegan recipes which are filmed and broadcast to over 1.4m Facebook users. Their videos are short, intoxicating, with no agenda or fuss – just showcasing delicious, comforting food that happens to be meat free.
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