A guide for beginners.

Macramé is a textile created by using various knot techniques. There are two primary knots used in macramé: the square knot and the hitch knot. The combination of knots are endless, encouraging the creative mind to wander. Once the basic techniques are learned, anything from wall hangings, to plant hangers, to jewelry and more can be created.

A few materials are needed to get started and can be found at most local craft stores. Recycled cotton cord is a favorite of many macramé artists and comes in a variety of colors. Jute, yarn, and synthetic cord can also be used. A solid piece of driftwood or a wood dowel are often used for wall hangings. A wood or metal ring is often used for plant hangers. Last but not least, be sure to have a reliable pair of scissors handy and you are ready to macramé!

There are infinite resources available to anyone interested in learning the art of macramé. YouTube is a popular platform to watch "how to" videos, learn knot combinations, and find design inspiration. Instagram enables a fantastic place to connect with fellow macramé artists and see gorgeous works of art. Etsy is a great place to source materials such as cord and help support fellow artists.

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