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Delicate Mornings at Café Fia

Around 11 a.m. every weekend I would make my way to my favourite spot, just around the corner of my house. The café is hidden away from the busy city centre, designed to cater to local dwellers. Like every other brunch place in Dublin, the café is compact with industrial interior design. What I like about it is the high table with peculiar lamps hanging over it, allowing diners like me when seated to observe the street.

Picture of coffee

The café is never empty, giving you an opportunity to meet strangers and friends from this neighbourhood. The space between the tables is so narrow that you are bound to exchange smiles or admire someone’s dish. The most surprising element of the café is that you are able to see the chef rustling between the containers with spices and the cooker. Saying this, the chef is also able to throw a glance at you while you indulge in his cuisine.

A little bit about Fia.

It all started when Alan and Derek, business partners and owners of the building, were enjoying ‘Roasted Brown’ coffee and decided they wanted to create something special of their own. They got in touch with the owner and roaster of ‘Roasted Brown’. In return, Fergus suggested they get in touch with the talented chef, Keith Coleman, for advice on the menu. Soon after that Keith became instrumental to the business.

Influenced by travel, reading cookbooks and his time spent at ‘The Fumbally’, Keith uses basic ingredients to make delicate dishes neatly presented. I find the contrast between the sweet and the sour in many dishes on the menu to delight the tongue.

Picture of coffee

There is a truly warm and friendly atmosphere as the closely-knit team runs the café. Dave and Aisling manage the front of the house with Johnny, the barista, making delicious hot drinks. It is for this reason I find it a perfect brunch experience.

You can find FIA's location here ☕️

July 18, 2016

Coded & written by Vitalia 😉