People Who Inspire Me

“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.”
Rob Siltanen

All you need to know:

Elsa Peretti

Elsa was an Italian jewelry designer, beautiful model and a philanthropist. She made jewelry pieces for Tiffany & Co. Most famous pieses are Bean, Bone Cuff and Open Hear necklace, her work is displayed in the museums and worth taking a look. Elsa described by Tiffany & Co.:"A masterful artisan who revolutionized the world of design and forever changed the way women wear jewelry, Elsa Peretti’s legacy will remain a constant source of inspiration." Her point of view is remarkable, she proved what imagination and hard work can do. Just looking at the jewelry inspires, seeing the art that was made to be worn, used, passes down from generations consistently inspires and motivates. To own a piece of her art would be a dream. You do not believe me? Just take a look.

Joe Navarro

joenavarro Joe is a public speaker, author of books and a former FBI agent. Joe might not be the first person that an individual might think of being an influencer, however his knowledge allows people to understand more about themselves and other individuals that souround them. He is specialized in nonverbal communication and body language, he is an expert. Through his books he opens individuals´ eyes on the topic of nonverbal communication, the advantage of observing counterparts and analyzing their thoughts, feelings and intentions only by looking at their body language. His books are a wake up call to be aware of our limbic brain and the neo cortex in our everyday interactions. I find his books so motivational and intreguing.

May Orfy

May is a designer from Dubai. After she graduated college she created her clothing brand named Mayka. Accidentally I followed her at the begining of her launch of the company, and it was the best mistake ever. Seing her designs, passion and the hard work she puts in her brand is unbelievable. Her signature designs consist of multiple belts, holes, hardware and ties. Each piece can be worn multiple and different ways. Her brand is deffinetly not fast fashion, her pieces are quality pieces that can be worn many many years witouth loosing the shape of color. Each collection tells a story, she ia a great example of a leader and as a strategist. She shares her process of creation of the designs and the finished result of clothes and shoes on social media. Take a look at the latest collection.

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