Learning a language 🌍
an honest review

Hi everyone, my name is Alice and I'd like to share my experience with learning languages. I grew up bilingual speaking French and English and I am currently studying German and Russian at university. I've reached a good level in both languages (B2/C1). Language learning is a difficult, challenging yet oh so rewarding process. Here I'd like to share some observations and tips I've gathered along the way.


Wow I love learning new languages

Why is this so difficult? I haven't progressed in years

I believe that the transition from an intermediate to an advanced level is the most difficult step in learning a language as the progress is slow and sometimes unnoticeable to the learner.
Here are some tips on how to stay motivated:

All of these tips may sound quite and basic but they really helped me get to the next level in my language learning.

I would love to hear about your techniques!