Strength Training for Beginners

woman holding dumbbell

Strength training is a way of exercising using resistance in the form of free weights (dumbbells) or fixed weights (barbells or machine weights), to improve strength and endurance.

A lot of beginners, especially women, fear they will become "bulky" by using weights so opt to avoid them. But this isn't the case at all! Most women tend to have lower levels of muscle mass than men due to having lower testosterone levels. So it would take far more hard work and dedication to put on extreme levels of muscle mass that you see in bodybuilders.

If you are looking to 'lose weight' and opt for strength training, one thing you may find is that you actually stay the same weight on the scale or even gain a few pounds. But you're in fact "slimmer" and fit into smaller sized clothing, achieving a more toned look. This is because you've decreased your body fat percentage and replaced that with muscle mass which is more dense.

Benefits of Strength Training:

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