Stardew Valley Character Guide

Stardew Valley is one of my favourite games. Here is a character guide to make the game a bit easier! Click on the character's image to learn more about them.

Stardew Valley categorizes NPC characters in three different categories:
the Datable Characters, the Non-Marriage Characters and NPCs who are Non-Giftable.

Datable Characters

These are the characters you can swoon and marry in the game. When you marry you can start a family with this character. In Stardew Valley players are able to choose who they want to be their significant other.
Click on the character to learn their loves, likes and dislikes.

Non-Marriage Characters

These characters are already married in Stardew Valley, you will be unable to date or marry any of the characters below.

Click on their image to learn more about them!

Non-Giftable Characters

These characters you will encounter in the game through a cut scene and will only be able to talk to them. You cannot give them gifts.

Click on their image to learn more.

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