Understanding You

The importance of Astrology

Astrology woman

"Little you did know that you are a cosmic mistery described by your time and place of birth, All the wisdom and the answers you are looking for to take an important desition in your life are already writen since before you were born, psychiatrist often say that psicologist is a dinosour science, until the world learn how to use Astrology to understand themselves, you were not a mistake, God was not angry when he made you, there's a very unique plan for everyone of us, you are a matrix, and It has an imprint that your sun signed up for, you can have that satisfying feeling to understand your core, wether is addiction, death, end of a relationship etc, all of it is your soul trying to fullfil the promise that you came to this human dimension to accomplish. you can have that "OMG now I get it moment" and live your life with peace and knowing your purpose."
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