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Where to travel if you love to eat


Singaporeans are obsessed with food, from talking incessantly about their last meal, to feverishly photographing, critiquing and posting about it online. It’s hardly surprising – food is one of Singapore’s greatest drawcards, the nation’s melting pot of cultures creating one of the world’s most diverse, drool-inducing culinary landscapes. With over a hundred hawker spread across the island, this city is a must.


Taiwan is a country that never stops eating, and a big part of this eating takes place on the streets. With its legendary night markets and festivals, round-the-clock breakfast shops, recipes honed for generations, and celebrity-status food vendors, there is always something steaming, sizzling, or stewing on Taipei’s streets. Don’t skip the beef noodle soup, scallion pancakes and pork pepper buns.


Tokyo foodies take pride in what they like to think of as their ´boutique´ dining scene. Rather than offering long menus of elaborate dishes, many of the best restaurants make just a few things – and sometimes even just one! Sushi shops make sushi; tempura shops make tempura. A restaurant that does too much might be suspect: how can it compare to a speciality shop that has been honing its craft for three generations?

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