Blessed to be a Dancer

And here some reasons why:

"I feel that the essence of dance is the expression of mankind, the landscape of the human soul!"
- Martha Graham

We, as dancers, have the possibility to experience a lot of different moments. That's what dance is all about: to take us into a whole adventure, always looking for our evolution, not only as dancers, but as human beings. Dance is a part of us since our beginning in this world, it's a part of who we are as residents of planet earth. For me, as also a dancer, it became a part of me since I was a little child and gave me a purpose. Also teached me to look with a different eyes into a lot of situations and also to look at myself with a different perspective. In this piece of article, I'm going to show you some reasons why I feel blessed to be a dancer.

Number 1:
I'm Thankful for...The Family!

Whether it be in a dance crew, studio, or just jamming with friends, you'll get to know different personalities with different stories just because you share the same passion. It's like when you wait the whole week just to dance with those people. That moment becomes your safe place along with those people. They're the ones you will look up to, will learn with and will encourage you in your doubts. You create a connection you'll take for life as a part of your evolution not only as a dancer but as a complete person. Those may not be related, but they will become your second family.

Number 2:
I'm Thankful for...The Freedom!

Cheers to the safe place that gives me the freedom to express myself in the most honest way and not be judged by anyone. Since my childhood, dance was my easiest way to comunicate with others and with myself, in a way to understand the emotions, feelings and situations I was going through. I'm a full version of myself, a complete version, the happiest version.

Number 3:
I'm Thankful for...The Chills!

Since the moments before getting on stage, during the performance, until the very last moment after. This is one of the main reasons why I dance. It's because of those goosebumps, the feeling of empowerment that gives you, the peace of mind it offers you and the confidence you get to be the most authentic self. The chills down your spine, on your skin, the magnetism you feel by the energy you create owning your inner strengh. These feelings also are projectors of the feelings of those who sees it and feel it from a far distance. We have the power to offer the audience a beautiful and challenging trip to their personal experiences, creating a safe space for all to feel whatever they want to feel. We dance for ourselves first, but knowing that we can do this to others and make people happy at those little moments...It's all worth it.

Number 4:
I'm Thankful for...The Challenge!

And about the previous reason...The audience only sees the final result. But the actual challenge stays at the studio, 24/7, day after day, in order for us to be capable of making you feel what you feel because fo the movement I create. It's the practise you rarely see, that make us athletes.

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