One Life... Live It...

No matter how we arrive at the destination, what matters is arriving! πŸš—

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When someone asks us to talk about a passion, it is always a difficult process, we go from thinking "I have so many" to "I don't know, maybe I don't have any", but the truth is that: "there is always something that makes us really happy" . Whether it's eating, sleeping, traveling or even doing absolutely nothing.
My passion started 5 years ago when someone showed me a sport, off-road (overland), which in the short term turned out to be much more than that.

Thousands of kilometers have already been done, I already know all of Portugal, even places impossible to imagine. We are so small, but so rich with what we have.
I already know a small part of Spain, including the Pyrenees, a wonderful place that I recommend to everyone. seeing wild horses and having the privilege of having camped very close to them was one of the best experiences of my life.

imagem marrocos imagem marrocos

And Morocco, you might wonder, Morocco by car? Yes, and it's wonderful. Morocco is much more than Marrakech, the cultural impact starts right above Tangier, up to Zagora and Agadir. The whole panorama and all the cultural knowledge was wonderful.
But life is not just the kilometers made, but the community actions we made, the people who accompany us on our trips, those we meet along the way and how much we grow and evolve with each trip.

Because life is only one, and we have to live it.
Be happy 😁

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