A stone of transformation


Many believe that the olive green and earthly energy of Moldavite was sent to us to help us ascend. There’s no denying this gem has big energy and with big energy comes big shifts. Moldavite has an intensely high frequency and that fact married with its cosmic collisions and its earthly and extraterrestrial vibes make it a strong stone indeed. Some people when holding Moldavite for the very first time may even experience what is called the Moldavite flush.

The green gem can let off an intense warmth which can send a tingling sensation through the body and lead to the wearer or holder becoming light-headed, giddy, and having a big energy shift. For some people of course this can be overwhelming. Moldavite certainly takes some getting used to, but when you have made your connection with it, this gem can take you to places and along paths you did not even know were possible.

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