Kittie is my adopted cat

kittie an adopted cat

Why is Kittie the most amazing cat?

Kittie was born on 1.06.2020 in Poland. She's super cute and smart. Kittie has a lot of energy and is very curious about everything. She needs to touch and smell everything especially when her owner cooks. Kittie brings you gifts but only when she likes you. The gifts include aluminium balls, some scrunchies and her toys. Kittie loves to communicate and can be loud when expressing her opinions so I need to give her enough attention. Find out more how you can adopt a cat.

photo of cat
adopted cat
cat near window

kittie an adopted cat

Adopt a cat 😺 and let it own you

Adoption is a great solution to rescue lonely animals from shelters. Check the nearest shelter and see if you vibe with any of the cats and maybe you will find a fury friend for a life. But remember - you are not an owner of the cat. Cat is an owner of you! Before adoption you will need to ask yourself a few important questions. Cat is a reponsibility and you need to be prepared. Take a simple quiz at the bottom of this page and find out if you can be a perfect cat parent.

Things to consider before adoption

Decide if you are ready to take care of an animal

  1. Check your housing conditions - do you have enough space?
  2. Can you afford having a cat? Food and litter is not everything and vet costs can be really high
  3. Are you travelling often? Do you have a plan in case you need to leave the house for several days?
  4. Do you have another animal at home?
  5. What do you know about cat's needs? Do you know how to take care of an animal?

Click here: learn more about animal adoption

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