I love Cooking!

Cooking means love ❤️


I was four years old and didn't know then how cooking would be so important to me and be the best connection I had with my wonderful Abuela Nilda. ❤️ Cooking with her was a joy, I would just stare and admire her talent and love. She made sure her family was well nourished, making recipes from fresh ingredients, full of her strength, so bountyful, you can smell the love in the air. She was an inspiration and taught me a passion I would hold my entire life and use for cooking for my children today. After her passing in 1994, I continue to make our favorite alcapurrias for holidays, which are fried grated root vegetables stuffed with meat or fish. A link of a alcapurrias video recipe is included below, hope you try and enjoy! 🤤

Watch Video Recipe on YouTube.