🍞Bread is life🍞

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Specifically, Sourdough Bread!🤤🤤🤤🥖

Why? Might you ask.

Sourdough bread differs from other breads in a variety of ways. First, the ingredient list for sourdough is much shorter than pre-sliced and even supermarket bakery varieties. Many other types of breads have oils, sugar, preservatives, and other chemicals in their ingredient list. Besides affecting the flavor of the bread, chemicals and additional ingredients are often added to other breads because they can’t stay fresh as long as sourdough can or fend off mold as well. The presence of bacteria, due to sourdough’s unique fermentation process, improves sourdough’s nutritional profile. This allows for better nutrient absorption, improved gut health, and some studies have even shown fermentation alters the structure of carbohydrates in the dough for better blood sugar control and a lower score on the glycemic index.

Interestingly enough, the best sourdough in the world comes from Germany and the country that eats the most bread in the world is Turkey. Learn more about sourdough bread here!

If that didn't convice you enough, check out the illustration below!