Cuban salsa

Also known as Casino Dance


Cuban salsa, like its name suggests, has its origins in Cuba and is usually danced to Cuban salsa music called Timba. The style is often considered more โ€œstreetโ€ than other forms of salsa, and incorporates some movements from traditional Afro-Cuban dances. The dancers also tend to exaggerate the movement of their hips and torso compared to other forms of salsa. It is danced on the โ€œon 1โ€ timing, but unlike LA Style Salsa, Cuban salsa is danced in a circular fashion rather than in a slot.

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Differences betwen in line salsa and cuban salsa

  1. The disposition of the couple at the dance
  2. Style: movements, ornaments and flourishes
  3. Rithm and dance speed
  4. Difficulties of each style