VDOMA is a project about Ukrainian women

Vdoma Project

VDOMA is an NFT Photography Collection about Ukrainian women who stayed at home during the war in Ukraine

They stayed at home, although they were able to go anywhere. A series of quick stories about values to stay close, even when war is scary; about choosing between one's own safety and being at home with one's relatives; about actions - to do the maximum and to protect Vinnytsia, people in it and own house. Lean more on OpenSea

VDOMA column was created by Marina Prisniak-Ryaba on the 41st day of the war about Vinnytsia at a time when it is relatively calm and safe. This is not about other areas where people have been forced to evacuate. From the first day of the column, Olga Shcherbakova has been actively inviting guests.

Matt Delac, thank you for teaching me in SheCodes !

by Marina Prisnyak, Vinnica πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦