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The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.
Phil Edwards

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Woman surfing on green wave

Why surfing?

Surfing's impact on mental health

Surfing's impact on mental health extends beyond physical benefits, as it creates a unique sense of freedom and exhilaration that can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. The rhythmic motion of riding waves can induce a meditative state, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Spending time in the ocean, surrounded by the vastness of nature, can foster a sense of awe and connection, instilling a profound sense of peace and perspective.

Additionally, the challenge of mastering surfing skills and navigating ever-changing conditions can boost self-esteem and resilience, empowering individuals to overcome obstacles both on and off the board. The surfing community, known for its camaraderie and inclusiveness, offers a strong support system, reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Surf spots

My favorite spots for surfing

Moro Beach 🇪🇸

Tucked away on the captivating island of Fuerteventura in Spain, Moro Beach is a true surfers' haven. Offering consistent and powerful waves, this hidden gem attracts surfers of all levels seeking an unforgettable experience amid the island's natural beauty and tranquil ambiance.


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What I like about this spot

This was the first place where I actually attended a proper surf course, so it will always been near and dear to my heart. It is a safe place for first timers with pure sand beach, and no rocks at all. Sometimes it gets too windy, but there are other options nearby in that case.

Costa da Caparica 🇵🇹

With its long sandy beaches and consistent Atlantic swells, Costa da Caparica is a famous surf destination catering to surfers of all levels, providing a vibrant surf culture and beachside cafes to unwind after riding the waves. It takes only 30 minutes to reach from Lisbon.


38.656434862586366, -9.248043957145342

What I like about this spot

Super long waves on this coast and perfect location very easily reachable from Lisbon. It has lots of restaurants, bars and a really cool bicycle lane right at the shore. My favorite playa was Praia de São João, you can find the coordinates above.

Unawatuna 🇱🇰

Nestled along Sri Lanka's southern coast, Unawatuna's tropical paradise features warm waters, playful waves, and palm-fringed shores, enticing both beginners and experienced surfers for an enchanting surfing experience. It has a vibrant local surf community with a friendly and inviting athmosphere.


6.007656475761492, 80.24374285300682

What I like about this spot

Surfing here was an absolute dream! The beach is pure sand and the water was not only clean, but the temperature of it was as well consistenly around 25 Celsius degrees. You could also find plenty of places to eat or drink right at the beach. I would highly recommend getting a fresh coconut after surfing.


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