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12-hour Coding workshop for women

SheCodes teaches coding skills to women
Only a few spots available!

June 2019
SheCodes Braga

Braga, PT

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SheCodes is here to help

Women currently hold 25% of coding jobs and earn 30% less money than men. SheCodes is here to help bridge the gender gap in the tech programming industry by providing a solid introduction to product development, product design and product management.

  • 1. Product Development

    Learn how the Internet works, about front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and basic coding practices.

  • 2. Product Design

    Learn the basics of User-Experience (UX) a User Interface (UI) design so you can convert your sketches into actual pixels.

  • 3. Product Management

    Learn about how to validate an idea, the tools to manage a project and how to have conversations with developers.



2 days, 4 classes for 12 hours

Class 1

Coding Basics
with Matt

  • HTTP
  • HTML / CSS

You'll have a basic understanding of how the internet works, how to hold a conversation with a developer and how to create a web page.

Class 2

UI Development
with Matt and Celina

  • UI Design
  • Advanced CSS

You'll be able to convert an idea into actual pixels.

Class 3

Web Development
with Matt

  • Front end vs Back end
  • JavaScript basics

You'll understand how programming languages work and why they are so powerful.

Class 4

Product development
with Emily

  • Development workflow
  • Product management

You'll understand how to launch a product from idea to production.



What the community thinks of SheCodes

5/5 - Highly recommended

“I decided that is time to change my career path and open the door to the tech world. While searching on how to begin this journey, I bumped into the She Codes workshop and was an incredible surprise: how much you learn and the amount of information that you absorve in just 2 days with an amazing ...”
Sofia Rocha, SheCodes Alumni

“Women are dramatically under-represented across the tech industry - something we believe is important to address. That's why we're proud to host SheCodes for their first course at Second Home Lisboa and help offer an opportunity for women in Lisbon to learn more about coding and develop their skills.”
Lucy Crook, General Manager @ Second Home Lisboa

Lucy Crook
5/5 - Highly recommended

“SheCodes is a brilliant initiative! It gives a great (read: intense) introduction to the world of tech, including product development, product design and product management. I would recommend this workshop to any woman interested in tech, no matter if the purpose is to make website for your start...”
Elsa Larsson Regnström, SheCodes Alumni


Upcoming workshop

June 2019
SheCodes Braga

Braga, PT

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