Listen to Sara Vieira's Story of her life as a Professional Coder

Sara Vieira of CodeSandbox will share some of her insights on what it took to become a Full-Stack Developer

Limited to 100 attendees only

Sara Vieira

Sara Vieira

Wednesday, September 18 2019
18:30 to 19:30 (London, Lisbon time)

Full-Stack Developer at CodeSandbox

Sara Vieira is a Full-Stack Developer at CodeSandbox. Before her current role, she worked as a Front-End Developer for nearly 4 years.

Join us for this wonderful SheCodes Story, where Sara will share her experiences, her struggles, and some advice for women who want to pursue a career in tech.


What are SheCodes Stories?

SheCodes Stories are online, live mentorship sessions. These sessions are completely free and are open to women of all development levels. During the session, you can communicate with other attendees, the mentor, and the moderator via an exclusive Slack chat.

Our Mentors make up a group of respected women in tech. They will share some of their experiences, obstacles, and knowledge with you. Their expertise will lend some guidance as you enter the world of technology.


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SheCodes Stories FAQs

If you have any other questions just get in touch!

What is a SheCodes Story?

A SheCodes Story is a live webinar (online) in which a successful woman in tech (a mentor) provides an introduction and does a Q&A session with students via Slack. Mentors will discuss experiences, struggles, and advice for women who want to pursue a career in tech. Live sessions will be recorded and published on the website.

How long are SheCodes Story sessions?

About 60 minutes each

Will I be able to communicate with the mentor in the SheCodes Story?

Yes, absolutely! During the session, you can ask questions on a Slack chat and communicate directly with the mentor. Make sure you come prepared to SheCodes Story sessions with questions to ask the mentor. There will be a moderator to help guide the session. You may also be able reach out to mentors in the future - many are willing to answer questions and remain a resource for SheCodes students and alumni.

How would I benefit from a SheCodes Story session?

SheCodes mentors help students by providing inspiration, sharing personal experiences and stories, and offering useful insights pertaining to the tech industry today. You can also ask for advice and make connections.

Any other questions?

Feel free to email [email protected]