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Elvira Di Marco
SheCodes Graduate

Job Title
Junior Front-end Developer at The Thinking Traveller



Written by Lexi Dillon,
Edited by Lexi Dillon, July, 2021

👩‍💻 SheCodes Success Story


How Elvira went from a Travel Agent to a Junior Front-end Developer in just a few months

Elvira graduated from SheCodes Basics in June 2020, SheCodes Plus in July 2020, and SheCodes React in October 2020.

🙍‍♀️ Before SheCodes

Elvira is an enthusiastic SheCoder who has used her coding knowledge to change careers within her company 💪 💻 She was born and raised in Italy and is now living in London. She is passionate about singing, writing, dancing, and tech products. So it’s no surprise that she decided to learn how to code 😏

She’s a bilingual English and Italian speaker who received a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Sciences from Università Telematica Pegaso in Naples, Italy. After graduating from university, she worked in event coordination, customer care, and the travel and tourism industry as a tour guide. Recently, she worked for a few years as an Experience Specialist travel agent assisting clients with their travel and booking needs at The Thinking Traveller

Elvira became interested in coding upon observing her partner coding. She started to observe what he was doing more and more and became passionate about the possibilities that coding held. 🙌 👩‍💻

👩‍💻 Her SheCodes Experience

Elvira had some free time on her hands and decided to pass her time by delving into the world of coding. A great way to pass the time if we do say so ourselves 😉 She joined the SheCodes free introduction to coding class and then decided to sign up for an advanced SheCodes workshop. She loved every workshop and we’ve loved having her as a student. 😍

“I was in furlough, had loads of time and wanted to code to do something useful and learn something new. It was amazing and empowering learning with other women. I loved SheCodes!”

Her favorite parts of the workshop were the HTML and CSS portions given that she is a very creative person. She also enjoyed the explanations and support. 

“I believe the prices are fair and the explanations are very clear. Full support via emails and slack channels. I was extremely satisfied.”

🙋 How SheCodes has Helped to Change Her Life

Thanks to the knowledge Elvira gained in SheCodes, she was offered a new job as a front-end developer 🤩 Within her current company, The Thinking Traveller, she transitioned from an Experience Specialist to a Junior Front-end Developer and we couldn’t be prouder!!

“I have been offered a Junior Front-end Developer role inside my company and I am super happy about it!!! It’s a huge career change for me and this is a huge opportunity I have received! And all this thanks to this amazing course which has helped me understand the basics of HTML, CSS & JavaScript.”

"Taking this course was the best decision ever, I love my new career and I love coding."

She is loving her new job as a Junior Front-end Developer so far and especially loves the benefits, such as having a much more flexible work schedule. 

“I already have more flexibility with work hours, can work remotely, and can take my lunch break whenever I feel like it.”

Instead of taking care of client’s needs and requests for luxury villa bookings, Elvira gets to spend her days coding and learning new things.  💪 💻

In her coding future, she’d like to work her way up to a Senior Front-end Developer! We feel very confident that she can achieve this goal 😄 

👩‍💼 Advice to Future SheCodes Students

When asked what advice she’d give to future SheCoders, Elvira said that she recommends that new students sign up for the whole course. She also says to believe in yourself. A little motivation will go a long way when it comes to coding 😉 

“Complete the whole course, go for it! Believe in yourself because if you want it, you will always find a way to get it.”

Elvira’s SheCodes Basics Testimonial 
“Loved every challenge of this course! Matt explains in a friendly and professional way so it's easy to learn new concepts. Would definitely suggest!”

Elvira’s SheCodes Plus Testimonial 
“Loved every moment of this course! It is challenging and brain stimulating. Learned new skills thanks to Matt's clear and precise explanations. Would definitely recommend.”

Elvira’s SheCodes React Testimonial 
“Loved every part of it! Clear explanations to understand every bit of it. React made interesting!”

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