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Women currently hold 25% of coding jobs and earn 30% less money than men. SheCodes is here to help bridge the gender gap in the tech programming industry by providing a solid introduction to product development, product design and product management.

  • 1. Product Development

    Learn how the Internet works, about front-end development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and basic coding practices.

  • 2. Product Design

    Learn the basics of User-Experience (UX) a User Interface (UI) design so you can convert your sketches into actual pixels.

  • 3. Product Management

    Learn about how to validate an idea, the tools to manage a project and how to have conversations with developers.


Your Instructor


Meet Matt Delac

Matt Delac is software engineer who has worked with companies such as Google and Airbnb.

He started a company in Silicon Valley with funding from Y Combinator (#1 startup accelerator worldwide), has a Masters degree in e-business from Canada, and has taught 2,000+ students how to code (online and offline) through SheCodes. His workshop rating average is 4.9/5.

He’s also the founder of UpLabs, a successful design marketplace with over 500k monthly visitors.


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What the community thinks of SheCodes

5/5 - Highly recommended

“The course exceeded my expectations! It was very interactive, clear and very interesting. I always wanted to be a web developer and thanks to SheCodes it is possible! I learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript, as well as understand the professional structure of the programming. Amazing atmosphere. I rec...”
Sofia Gomes, SheCodes Alumni

5/5 - Highly recommended

“I've really enjoyed the course and feel like I have learnt a lot. The format and materials are great; it's really useful having a challenge after each video to practise what you have learnt. I've tried a lot of other coding courses and haven't felt as motivated to finish them like I have with thi...”
Zoe Anastasiou, SheCodes Alumni

5/5 - Highly recommended

“SheCodes has a great learning atmosphere and provides a great introduction for anyone looking for a starting point. Wonderful tips and varied content - I can only recommend it! ”
Vania Assis, SheCodes Alumni



At the end of the event, you will receive a Course Certificate from SheCodes verifying that you have completed the entire course.

SheCodes Certificate

You can share your Course Certificates in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed resumes, CVs, or other documents. 🔖 See sample

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If you have any other questions just get in touch!

Do I need a laptop?

Yes, you’ll need to bring a fully charged laptop with you. It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows or Mac laptop. Ideally, you should feel comfortable using this computer for daily tasks.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, we’ll start from scratch assuming you’ve never coded before. If you already have some knowledge, you’ll still learn a lot!

Why only for women?

Women hold 25% of coding jobs (vs 35%+ twenty years ago), earn 30% less money than men in an industry soon to be the biggest in the world. Let’s change that!

Will I be able to get a job after the program?

After the event, you'll have a better idea if you want to become a product designer, developer or manager. We'll provide you guidelines to deepen your skills however, you won't be ready to take on a new job... yet!

Do I need to speak English?

Yes, all classes will be in English.

Can I get a refund?

No, as your payment is covering logistics, we won't be able to process any refunds.

Do I need to come to all sessions?

Yes, this is to make sure you get a solid overview of the product development industry.

Can I mention the certificate on my CV?

Yes, you'll receive a certificate if you attend all sessions.

Can I help SheCodes as a Volunteer

Yes, you absolutely. Please, tell us more about yourself.

Can I change dates?

If you have already paid and would like to move to a workshop at a later date, you are able to do so up until 48 hours before the workshop you have signed up for. This is permitted unless special conditions apply (such as promotions, discounts, special offers, etc.).

If you have any questions, please contact our Country Manager ([email protected]).


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