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Iris Magdelyns
SheCodes Graduate

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Developer Trainee at House of Bèta



Written by Lexi Dillon,
Edited by Lexi Dillon, April, 2021

👩‍💻 SheCodes Success Story


How Iris went from a Personal Trainer to a Developer Trainee

Iris graduated from a SheCodes Workshop in August 2020, SheCodes Plus in September 2020, and SheCodes React in November 2020. 

🙍‍♀️ Before SheCodes

Iris is one of our most recent SheCodes graduates that has put her new coding knowledge to great use 😉She’s originally from Heemskerk in the Netherlands and is still living there today. She received a Bachelor of Health from Hogeschool Inholland, University of Applied Sciences. She spends much of her time lifeguarding, kite surfing, and exercising. Over the years, she’s had various jobs related to her interests and her degree. 

Along with lifeguarding, over the past few years, she’s worked as a Lifestyle coach and a gym manager at Interfysio. Her daily tasks revolved around planning appointments with clients and creating personalized nutrition and fitness plans for clients to improve their overall health. She enjoyed her work, but she wanted to do more. Within the past few years, she decided that she wanted to create an app for lifestyle coaching but didn’t know exactly where to begin. Hence, her interest in coding was born. 

Before SheCodes, she started gaining some coding knowledge through a free resource online called KhanAcademy. She learned some basics of JavaScript, but decided that it was a bit too basic for her. Then she found SheCodes online workshops and the workshop curriculum provided was more aligned to what she wanted to learn 👩‍💻

👩‍💻 Her SheCodes Experience

After joining the free introduction class offered by SheCodes, Iris’ interest in Front-End web development deepened and she decided to join our 4 month advanced workshop. She thoroughly enjoyed learning by doing through the hands-on coding assignments and also building her coding knowledge up step by step 💪 💻 

“The workshop is clear, understandable, well designed and explained. The homework assignments build upon one other. You learn more and more per homework assignment. It's nice that there is homework and not only video's. You learn by doing it.” 

The welcoming environment of SheCodes also facilitated Iris’ learning process and elevated her coding experience.

“It was a lot of fun learning with other women. The women give tips and want the best for you. They are really nice (the ones I spoke with).”

But above all, her favorite part of SheCodes has been developing her portfolio-ready final projects. She especially loved creating the weather apps using real-life development workflow in the advanced portions of her workshop. 

Check out all of Iris’ projects here: 
👉 Workshop final project about Lifestyle coaching: 
 👉 Plus Vanilla JavaScript final project:

🙋 How SheCodes has Helped to Change Her Life

Not only did Iris find her coding experience to be really enjoyable, but it’s also been pretty life-changing for her because she’s been able to completely shift careers. Iris discovered her passion for coding and decided that she wanted to alter her career trajectory and work in development instead of personal training. After some hard work and motivation to find a job in the field, she succeeded in finding a position. Iris is now working as an IT Trainee for House of Bèta - a company that offers clients solutions in IT, data analysis and software development. 

“SheCodes helped me find out that I loved coding so I decided to switch careers from personal trainer to IT Trainee. Because of SheCodes I took the basic steps towards becoming a developer and found my new job as a developer trainee at House of Bèta.” 

Her job now is wildly different from her previous job. She thinks her job now is more interesting and also has better pay  🙌💻

“My job now is completely different. I don't have to train people anymore in the gym or help them to get a healthy lifestyle. Now I'm doing development work for insurance companies. It is more interesting for me and the pay is better.”

Her daily tasks now focus on helping people with their computer programs and learning backend development for insurance companies. She is thoroughly enjoying her software development traineeship so far 😍She’s enjoying it so much that she’d like to build a platform to facilitate tasks for insurance companies in the future. We hope to see this in her coding future!! 

👩‍💼 Advice to Future SheCodes Students

Iris’ best advice for future SheCodes students is to make time to complete all of the coding challenges and follow all workshop instructions. And to enjoy it along the way, of course 😉

“Plan enough time in your agenda to complete the challenges and follow the instructions from Matt. And of course love the work, enjoy every second of what you do”

Workshop testimonial: 
“This course built on my previous coding knowledge. Matt explained it understandably and calmly. The structure of the course was clear and logical. I look forward to the following courses from SheCodes!”

Plus testimonial: 
“The workshop was great! I learned a lot from Matt. I learned to code through trial and error. And I can proudly say that I have built my first weather page.”

React testimonial:
“SheCodes' react development course is very interesting. You are challenged to get the most out of yourself in the field of programming. Matt explains it in a very clear and pleasant way making it understandable and logical.”

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