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“I've never considered myself to be a "computer person". My dad is a Computer Engineer and growing up I admired that but only from at a distance. In my early 20's I dropped out of a traditional 4yr college and began my journey into Cosmetology. Once I passed my state board certifications I worked in several salons and I even got a part-time job as a banquet server. Soon I realized that I did not want to be a hairstylist but instead I pursued Hospitality and that's where I made my career over the past 10yrs. In March I was put on furlough for what my company said would only be 2 months. 2 months came and went and to this day I still do not know when or if I will ever return to my previous job. I started to think that I needed to change my career and did a lot of soul searching over the past few months. After narrowing down my search I decided to take a chance and start some coding classes. These first classes were very basic and less than stimulating but they made my brain work in a different way and it was challenging for me which is something that I have been longing to experience since being furloughed. I watched video after video and found that I did not like the lack of structure and that I knew I could benefit from some curriculum to follow as well. As I was scrolling through Facebook (thanks cookies!) an add for SheCodes came across my screen and I applied shortly after. These past 3 weeks have been challenging, fun and have made me feel like there will be a new future for me.”

💪 Skills Monica learned

  • HTML


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  • JavaScript


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