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Coding questions about Python

👩‍💻 Technical question

what is the easiest pogramming luanguage to learn

👩‍💻 Python Code instructions

Edit this code to make it that only a certain UUID is able to ping the bot and get the expected result of a gif @bot.event async def on_message(message): if # Ignore messages from bots return # Check if the bot is mentioned in the message content if bot.user.mentioned_in(message): gif_url = '' # Replace with the direct URL of the GIF you want to reply with embed = discord.Embed() embed.set_image(url=gif_url) await message.reply(embed=embed) await bot.process_commands(message) # Process commands after handling other events

👩‍💻 Technical question

Asked 2 months ago in Python by Marion-Favour

A palindromic number reads the same both ways. The largest palindrome made from the product of two 2-digit numbers is 9009 = 91 × 99. Find the largest palindrome made from the product of two 3-digit numbers. Save the result in the file 102-result Your file should contain the exact result, no new line, no extra space

👩‍💻 Technical question

what to do if my python turtle is very slow and you don't know what to simplify

👩‍💻 HTML, CSS and JavaScript Code instructions

#fine tune llama for text classification code example

👩‍💻 Technical question

Can you teach me If statements in Python

👩‍💻 Python Code instructions

Develop a catalog for a company. Assume that this company sells three different Items. The seller can sell individual items or a combination of any two items. A gift pack is a special combination that contains all three items. Here are some special considerations: If a customer purchases individual items, he does not receive any discount. If a customer purchases a combo pack with two unique items, he gets a 10% discount. If the customer purchases a gift pack, he gets a 25% discount. Write a function for the above scenario. Perform the calculations in code wherever applicable. Output: Online Store ——————————————— Product(s) Price Item 1 200.0 Item 2 Item 3 Combo 1 (Item 1 + 2) Combo 2 (Item 2 + 3) Combo 3 (Item 1 + 3) Combo 4 (Item 1 + 2 + 3) —————————————— For delivery contact 98764678899

👩‍💻 Technical question

creating a dictionary using a for loop

👩‍💻 Python Code instructions

John R. Stalling's folding method in python

👩‍💻 Technical question

can you explain very shortly what is the purpose of creating instances

👩‍💻 Technical question

Asked 3 months ago in Python by Blessing

what is tr

👩‍💻 Technical question

python how to subtract a string and an integer

👩‍💻 Technical question

What is a string?

👩‍💻 Technical question

How do I create an arg function with a series of strings?

👩‍💻 Technical question

Asked 4 months ago in Python by Chanelle

Where can I upload images to get a url for my code?

👩‍💻 Python Code instructions

The code should do the following. 1. The code should ask the user for a web address and business type. It should then go to the web address and find businesses matching the users input and find any email addresses connected to the business, then put the business name and email address in a google spread sheet.

👩‍💻 Technical question

create a code about pet store services

👩‍💻 Technical question

how to check minter is the sender using python?

👩‍💻 Technical question

print("Welcome to my computer quiz!") playing = input("Do you want to play? ") if playing != "yes": quit() print("Okay! Let's play :)") answer = input("What does CPU stand for? ") if answer == "central processing unit": print('Correct!') else: print("Incorrect!") answer = input("What does GPU stand for?") if answer == "graphics processing unit": print('Correct!') else: print("Incorrect!") answer = input("What does RAM stand for?") if answer == "random access memory": print('Correct!') else: print("Incorrect!") please fix indentations

👩‍💻 Python Code instructions

windows photo to text and translate script in python

👩‍💻 Python Code instructions

photo to text and translate script in python

👩‍💻 Technical question

how to change image size

👩‍💻 Technical question

can you teach me every thing about abstraction in oop

👩‍💻 Technical question

Asked 5 months ago in Python by khedidja

donner les techniques de traitment automatique de la langue Arabe


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